The town of Stewartsville derived its name from the Stewart family who settled here on land secured from King George of England in 1729. The town grew through the construction of the Morris Canal, which was chartered as early as 1824. In 1850, the year our church was built, Stewartsville was a busy, thriving community of about 500 residents and located on the post road from Easton, PA to Morristown, NJ. The stage passed through daily carrying passengers and mail. The village had numerous business establishments, including a brickyard, a harness factory, and two blacksmith shops.

Prior to 1850, residents of Stewartsville worshipped at Greenwich Presbyterian Church. The journey to Greenwich Presbyterian was made on foot, and during warmer weather many people walked barefoot, carrying their shoes and putting them on before reaching the church door. Others had horses and wagons to make the trip. Records tell of a farmer who, with his team of horses and farm wagon provided the only mode of transportation for many people coming to public worship.

The distance between the Stewartsville town center and Greenwich Presbyterian is 2.5 miles, and over time, it became apparent that weekly church attendance – particularly during times of severe weather conditions – was unrealistic for many who lived in Stewartsville. To make church services more accessible, a group of Stewartsville residents developed a plan.

On January 1, 1850 they sought permission from Greenwich Presbyterian to build a place of worship in the town of Stewartsville. Further, they proposed the hiring of a “co-pastor,” who would then alternate officiating duties with the Greenwich Presbyterian Pastor. The plan was discussed at several meetings held throughout the month, but on January 30, a decision was deferred indefinitely.

The next day a meeting of Stewartsville citizens was held and it was unanimously decided to initiate the process of organizing and building a new church. Approximately $2,400 was immediately pledged. Against the wishes of many of the Greenwich Church, but with the support of the Presbytery on May 29, 1850 the Stewartsville Presbyterian Church was organized with 76 members.

The lot for the church building was donated by John Fulmer, who, although not a Presbyterian, was widely considered the wealthiest citizen of Stewartsville. During the summer and fall of 1850 the church was built at a cost of $4,300 with a seating capacity of 500. The church bell was purchased in Philadelphia and hauled from there by a team of oxen and farm wagon driven by Charles Godfrey. A two-horse lever power was used to saw the lumber for the building. The new church was dedicated December 10, 1850.

The original manse was built on a lot selected by the Reverend George C. Bush, the first pastor, in 1853. (It is the fourth house west of Washington Street and Good Springs Road intersection.) The present manse was donated John C. Boyer, an Elder of the church, in 1925. The Reverend Looloian was the first minister to occupy this home, which is located next to the church on North Main Street. The manse underwent significant renovation in 2010.

Our first pipe organ cost $1,000 and was dedicated on March 5, 1925. This was used until the present Neill Johnson organ, which was purchased in 1953. In 1966 the organ was moved and expanded. When the front of the church sanctuary was renovated in 1970, provisions were made for additional pipes to be added.

In 1967 the original steeple of the church was rebuilt. This was also the year that the land joining the back of the church and the parsonage property was donated in order to provide a parking lot. Later, the Christian Education wing, which houses the Pastor’s Study, Church Office and numerous classrooms, was added and dedicated in 1973.